Philly flavor with a Vegas Twist


My name is Candese “Candi” , Philadelphia born and raised. Upon relocating to the Las Vegas I was missing the summer time “Philly”  flavor of sweet water ice and a soft pretzel plus the love for candy.....Luxe Candy Ice .  

Luxe Candy ice is a high quality luxury Italian Ice made with iconic Philadelphia ingredients with a Vegas pop. This sweet treat is similar to sorbet. A rich, smooth and creamy combine with a bold fruit infused flavor topped with signature candy bringing taste buds to euphoria!

Luxe Candy Ice is a delicious blend made for all ages. Almost everyone can enjoy Luxe Candy Ice as we are vegan friendly. No diary, eggs or nuts products used.

The only question is ...Have you been ICED by Luxe Candy Ice?

October, 2020 , we are available for pop-ups, large and small celebrations.



All Italian water ice infused with real fruit “XRATED” menu coming soon

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